Collection: Monika Herschberger

Monika Herschberger, who has been interested in painting since her childhood but became more and more interested in it, especially in her teens, sometimes paints to express herself and sometimes to hold herself back. In her teens, she fell in love with another art form, jazz, and studied jazz singing. After spending a lot of time in concerts, improvised jazz concerts, and at the conservatory, the artist changed her focus and concentrated on painting. 

After discovering abstract painting for herself, she found this genre of art very exciting and started to create artistic works in the field of abstract painting since 2009. This pure, direct and unadulterated form of artistic expression is characterized by colour, form, and stroke.

Herschberger sees painting as an experimental field inspired by nature, thoughts or emotions and sometimes accompanied by jazz music. She is more interested in the act of painting than in the finished work. She appeals to the emotions with colourful compositions created by hand gestures on the canvas.