Collection: Texture Room

Are you one of those people who can’t take their hands off the furniture while walking around the room? If so, this room is for you. Because every design you touch will open the door to different emotions for you. While Lanube’s soft fabric attracts you, it seems to conquer the heart of the room and take its place in the very center. With its futuristic design consisting of triangles that can illuminate the entire room with the power of its LEDs, even if it is not in the center of the room, the Totem floor lamp will be the focus of attention with its vertical and angled placement. Yes, I know you’re going to want to touch it, but be careful, I don’t recommend it. One of the nice things to do in a room that appeals to so many textures can be to sip a hot coffee. With all those textures, the velvetiness left in the mouth of the coffee will gain even more meaning. Even though the smooth surface of Ferro, who is your assistant holding your coffee cup with all his grace, will make your heart beat again while delivering your coffee, the power of this room will be to make you taste the peace created by different textures.