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by Lumini

Bauhaus Floor


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Bauhaus Floor is a light source that stands at the point where life meets art. The points where art is supported by life and life is supported by art are the keys to a magnificent life. The creators of Bauhaus made unique designs with the idea of building the whole world. It is the first element of modern construction that comes to mind. While designing the Bauhaus Floor, Fernando Prado was inspired by the spirit of Bauhaus. These designs, which offer an aesthetic taste by adding convenience to life, are functional lamps with their adjustable and lightweight. It has a key and is made of aluminum. Bauhaus will illuminate your working areas that will last for many years and be a partner in your success. Being adjustable, you can move the light to the surface you want. It is your secret assistant with its ease of use. As a requirement, the Bauhaus Floor is really important. As a decoration material, it easily adapts to the stylish and comfortable atmosphere of your home. You can decorate it with whatever you want. This flexible and hardworking roommate is more than lighting.

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led 12,0 w
2.700 K
230 V

Expected delivery 3-5 working days.
Out of stock 4-6 weeks.

Energy Class: A++ to ,A+

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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