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by Tokio

Carbon Light Table Lamp


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Carbon Light is stunning beauty powered by the latest technology. Carbon Light is a high-performance modular pendant lighting product manufactured with the latest LED technology. A featherweight carbon fiber body connects high-efficiency power LED spots. With its adaptable design and multiple LED spot options, Carbon Light allows you to create an optimal lighting level for any living space. With the exceptional design, high-quality materials and superior performance of Carbon Light materials, you will strengthen the atmosphere of your living spaces.

Estimated shipping within 6 to 8 weeks.

L: 63,3 cm
W: 20 cm
H: 49 cm

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Technical Specification
It’s modular structure is made of carbon fiber. The natural carbon fiber look can be produced matte or in any RAL color. 6-W LED lamps, 2700 K (620 lm, CRI 90) or 4000 K (718 lm, CRI 90) available with 26° spot, medium 34° or wide 54° optics. 2-LED, 3-LED, 4-LED, 5-LED, 6-LED, 8-LED and 12-LED standard versions. It can be manufactured with dimer and in desired dimensions.

L: 63,3 / 24.9
W: 20 / 7.9
H: 49 / 19.3

Estimated shipping within 6 to 8 weeks.

Carbon Light is A High-Performance Modular Suspension Light That Exploits The Latest Cut in Led Technology. with an Adaptable Design And Multiple Led Spot Options, Carbon Light Allows You To Create The Optimum Illumination Scheme For Any Surface.

5-year warranty, any problem should be contacted with the company. There are no returns.

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