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by Nobonobo

Sofa Bola L


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The Bola sofa has a modern design that combines practicality and functionality. It is difficult to visualize sofa sets as extraordinary in your dreams. You experience the corner sofa sets and decide if it is for you. Bola is a superior design with an easy-to-clean fabric that is aware of the life experiences of the sofa and does its part. Its durable fabric and upright posture are the primary principles for a corner set. Bola offers a complete experience, both physically and in terms of the effect it creates on you. Bola is the need of every home as strong parts build the comfort of a home in corner sets. It is the maximum satisfaction of the features a person is looking for in a seat. It is available in both a non-folding and a folding version. The sleep function is the flex system, equipped with a foam mattress 10 cm high, it is designed for naps. The bola is, among other things, a useful and comfortable sofa, thanks to its ergonomic backrest that adapts perfectly to the person sitting on it. The modern style and carefully designed details that characterize this model will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding enthusiast of contemporary industrial design. Another detail that sets this sofa apart from the others is the special pocket stitching used to finish the sides and back of the sofa.

Choose your fabric according to the spirit of your home:

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Dimensions (mm)
Seat 1:
Chaise Log: 1270x1740

Seat 2:
Chaise Log: 1270x1740

Seat 3:
Chaise Log: 1270x1740

Cushion: 500x500
Price includes 5 pillows.

Delivered in min 60 days.

Folding / non-folding
Flexible stripes
SoftLayers™ system – a composition of specially selected flexible foams to ensure the best comfort selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/possible replacement with anti-allergic filling
Solid oak wood, black color

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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