Collection: Gabriele Melzer

Born in 1962, the artist has been interested in painting and literature since childhood. She carries her artworks, which she continues in parallel with her professional life as an advertising marketer, to her professional life with domestic and international exhibitions. She gained a wide variety of experiences with art design. She interned at the Ludwigsburg porcelain factory. She gained aesthetic experiences in material collages and object design at the six-month art seminar “İzaart”. She worked with sculptor Herbert Stehle at the Contemporary Art Academy. She participated in the art education program at the adult art center between 2010-2011. She participated in the metal sculpture project led by Daniel Depoutot at the Académie d'été des Arts, Haute E'cole des Arts du Rhin Strasbourg. She studied painting and sculpture with Carine Dörflinger at the Summer Art Academy, Offenburg Art School. Wood attended sculpture courses.

Gabi Melzer is truly a passionate life artist. She expresses her understanding of art as follows: “My inspiration comes from life in all its aspects: I love colorfulness, experimentation, surprise, things in the heart - I also love to be interested in what is beautiful, mysterious, daring, and always new...” To communicate with the emotions they evoke without deciphering the world of images. and cares about building a bond. She wants to evoke an effective and daring feeling in-wall combinations. Gabi Melzer is also an artist who knows the privileges of being a woman and tries to transform this into her art. She believes that women, as an independent identity that has their feet on the ground, will create wonderful things in art and makes the following statement: “Paintings should be things that emerge from the woman's world originally, they should not be copied or taken from someone else. The true meaning of art can only be reflected in works by hearing your subjective voice. The imperfections in the gallery system should not bring you to the point of not making your art with the fragility of women. Despite everything, the joy and energy of art always puts life on its way. The artist has strong motivations about not losing faith in this.”