Collection: Krassimir Kolev

He was born and raised in Bulgaria. In the 90's he moved to Austria and studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. First for the Professor Joannis Avramidis and then for the Professor Michelangelo Pistoletto.

In 1998 he took his MA degree and that same year he moved to Sweden and until 2012 he lived and worked in Uppsala. During that time he participated in numerous exhibitions in Scandinavia, throughout Europe and in the USA. His art was awarded with several Prizes. In the summer of 2012 he moved back to Austria and now he lives and works in St. Pölten. From here he exhibits his Art abroad.

Krassimir Kolev talks about his art: “I work with Painting, Sculpture and Photography. During the years I have been working with a numerous of public projects and have exhibited my Art in several countries like: Denmark, Germany, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, USA, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China and others.

I have always been fascinated by the Human being. My fascination of the human being is driving me to discover and interpret the greatness of the human soul. I see the Human body as a canvas, where the soul paints its own stories. So I see my role as an Artist to discover this stories and interpret them. I do that both imaginary - realistic and expressive - abstract. I express myself through Metaphoric compositions, Portraits, Still-lifes and Landscapes. I am looking for the human presence and absence in my works. By working mostly with models, I am trying to discover the inner story printed on their bodies and their faces.”


  • Award from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture for contribution and spreading the Bulgarian Arts and Culture abroad
  • Winner of the Prize of the Public at the exhibition "Portrait Now!" from the Museum of National History in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Honorable mention in sculpture from the fourth Art Symposium Atelier an der Donau, Pöchlarn, Austria
  • Honorable mention in abstract art from the fifth Digital Hall of Fame Award, Stockholm, Sweden

His works can be seen even in the Permanent Collection of the Phantasten Museum in Vienna, Austria; in the Permanent Collection of the Museu Europeu d'Art Modern in Barcelona, Spain; in the Collection of Uppsala University, Sweden; in the Collection Hadwiger; in the permanent Collection of STYX, Austria; in the permanent Collection of the Adjara Museum of Art, Batumi, Georgia; In the Art-Collection of Huawei in Hong Kong, China; in Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris, France; in the Galeria Luz de la Vida, Competa, Spain; in the Kleine Galerie, Vienna, Austria; in the Art Gallery Adriana, Vienna, Austria; in the Mollbrinks Konst Gallery in Uppsala, Sweden; in the Gallerie Maringer, St. Pölten and The Artosphaere Art Gallery, Schloss Puchenau, Austria.