Fathers Deserve the Best, the Most Special!

Fathers Deserve the Best, the Most Special!

Although Father's Day is celebrated on different days in different countries, as All-in-Line, based on Sunday, June 19th, we are here with a very special gift option for our beloved fathers,

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc

We celebrate Father's Day to all men who fulfill all the requirements of their father's duty. In addition to real fathers, we respectfully greet uncles and grandfathers who feel like fathers. As All-in-Line, we decided to prepare an extraordinary gift option for these special men, who raise their children with great sacrifices and dedicate themselves to the material and spiritual needs of their family. On Father's Day, you can take your dad fishing, go camping together, cook him a delicious meal, or gift him his favorite t-shirt. If we set out with the slogan “Feel Different – ​​We Support You All-in-Line”, our gift proposal should have been different from everyone else, right? You can gift your father any of the “Art Room”, “Reading Room”, “Game Room” and “Study Room” options that we have created with very special furniture and accessories offered for sale on our website and make this special day unforgettable forever.

Fathers Deserve The Best, Most Special!Working Room, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Yuliya Yermolovich.

Working Room

There is a table with an extraordinary design in the concept of "Study Room" that we prepared for fathers. Emko's product called "My Writing Desk" is really special, just like your fathers. It has clutter-free table design, where objects can always be seen. With the storage areas surrounding the desk, empty spaces can be used for working. He also ends the work with the worry that something will fall. Objects not required for work can be pushed aside. The high edges of the table can isolate the table from everything. Thus, you can create a microclimate climate zone on the table and maintain a healthier working atmosphere.

In the study room, there is a sofa model that takes the comfort and ergonomics of fathers to the next level. Like a mussel shell, Nobonobo Pyora II creates the design of your dreams, first with comfort and then with a functional design. Its ergonomic structure is ideal for sitting for long hours and thinking calmly. Working, resting, and reading books are Pyora's favorite hobbies.

The lighting of the room is realized with two special products. The “Blass Nova” ceiling lighting of the Oleant brand is complemented by the “Bauhaus” model floor lighting of Lumini. The simple but very functional accessories of the room bear the signature of Formae Collection. Pura newspaper holder, Isole wall shelves, Bloom clothes hanger are products that fathers will admire for their practicality.Two very special works of art enrich the decoration of the study room. Art by Maximo's painting "Australian Desert Ground" is on the wall, while Hendrik Hackl's painting "Objekt mit Herz" is on the console.

Fathers Deserve The Best, Most Special!Game Room, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Yesim Sanri.

Game Room

We want fathers to relieve the stress of busy business life in a cozy and comfortable room. You can see just a few of the hundreds of product options offered for sale on the All-in-Line website in this room, where we imagine they will have happy and joyful moments with family members as well as spend time alone. At the center of the room is the ultra-comfortable L armchair and pouf named “Package” by MMinterier. Formae Collection's double "Hiphop" coffee tables create a stylish service area for the living corner. Kaissu's "Ehe TV table", which draws attention with its minimalist lines, is positioned directly opposite so that they can lie on the sofa and watch TV comfortably. The "Zenobio" hanger of Formae Collection, which attracts attention with its elegant design, has found the right space for itself in the corner of the room.

The red armchair of MMinterier named “Šest Plus Jedna” allows fathers to relax in a corner if they wish. Standing out with the masculine lines of Formae Collection, the "Hiphop" coffee table strengthens the decoration of the resting corner. Nyta's elegant chandeliers named "Tilt" were chosen for the illumination of the room.

Artist Wencke Uhl's work called "Zenith", which attracts all attention with its colors, almost activates the decoration of the room. Just below the painting, MMinterier's pouf named "Šest" is accompanied by Formae Collection's coffee table named "Elle". You can find different color options of all these products on our website.

Fathers Deserve The Best, Most Special!
Reading Room, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Fabi Halilaj.

Reading Room

What could be more enjoyable than diving into the world of books in such a serene and peaceful “Reading Room”? Of course, the most functional product of this place is the Tokio brand Mori library. Just as a forest grows randomly but uniquely natural, Mori shelves grow randomly and uniquely in many ways for your books, lights, sculptures and memories. And like the forest, "Mori" can adapt to its natural environment. This shelf can be placed in different shapes, angles and with a harmonious organic flow in different environments.

MMinterier's "Systemi" L armchair is a design where comfort reaches its peak. The low sofa system consists of eleven modular units that are very variable and can be used in countless combinations (single or corner sofa) from small to large. Individual seating units can be easily separated and recreated in different combinations.

The “Uni” armchair of the Nobonobo brand is perfect for immersing in it and reading a book. Armchair Uni exaggerates its seat feature. It offers a soft, fluffy look reminiscent of your favorite furry toy. Having a fluffy fabric brings you a soft and warm life experience. It contains an originality that cannot be compared with any other design.

Perhaps the most attractive product of this room is the “Magna” bathtub by Creer. Considering those who carry the habit of reading to the bathroom, there is a concrete tub that offers a privileged appearance with its color and texture. It looks very attractive, doesn't it?

Emko's useful and stylish Naïve Side Tables are waiting for you in different corners of the room for your drinks and magazines. Standing out with the design, the "Giratempo" watch of Formae Collection, the "Pipe Dummio" of the Creer brand, and the Fumi ashtray are designed for fathers with special tastes. Grupa's "Baluna" model floor lighting creates a dim light source while reading.

There are two remarkable works of art in the place for intellectual fathers with a private reading room. Miriam Smidt's painting "Funfair Feels" brings the atmosphere of the space to a whole new dimension with its vibrant colors. The “Digital Tension V3” sculpture by Arijel Strukelj has also taken its place in the Mori library.

Fathers Deserve The Best, Most Special!Art Room, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Oleg Khlupalo.

Art Room

Some dads are art lovers, collectors and like to turn their homes into an art gallery. Just like himself, he gathers his art-loving friends around a long table for intellectual conversations. Tokio's "Carbon Claro" table makes a great set for these insatiable conversations. The red and black walnut top of the table is combined with carbon fiber legs in different colors. The top of the table and its legs offer a perfect harmony. This highly durable yet elegant desk would be the perfect choice for executive offices or dining rooms, if desired.

This noble table is accompanied by Emko's "Naïve Low Chairs". Beyond being just a chair, it has both physical and spiritual effects. If you are looking for a loyal friend to greet you when you come home after a long, tiring day, the Naive low chair is for you. The lighting of the room is provided by Tokio's "Tri Light" ceiling lighting, which has a unique design like a work of art.

There are paintings by important artists in the art room. Looking from left to right, Carmen Schlieker Schachbrettblume”, Art by Maximo Flower Shapes”, Dodo Newman, Layers Unfolding”, Birgit Günther, Rote Energie”, Jonas Pehrsson, Square 5”, Christina von Dwingelo-Lütten New Beginnings ” and Daniel Wille “Between Man and God are represented with their work”. In the right corner of the room is Arijel Strukelj's "Digital Tension V2".

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